Luckily for all of us involved here. The internet can allow us to buy just about anything online. And easily purchase it too. Is it not convenient nowadays? Because that is what it practically is, very convenient. Anything you can think of under the sun is probably being sold out there. And you just got to reach out and contact this person and you could suddenly have some custom built barges for sale.

The thing about barges though, is that since these things are practically twice or even thrice the size of your house, you might be finding t a harder time than usual when you want to go and purchase it. Or we could be wrong. You could probably go to some website that literally sells these things and gets yourself hooked up with one right away.

As we said, all is suddenly so convenient and we could either use this to our advantages or abuse the crap out of this sudden convenient twist in our lives. Of course, being humans, we have the tendency to do the latter. Is anyone really surprised by this?

Now you see these people ordering the strangest things left and right all over the place. Ranging from normal things like toothbrushes or phones to bugs in a container or weird pillows with sexy anime girls on them. Yeah, we are looking at you Amazon.

You probably have everything there, huh? Jeff probably made sure that you have everything so it will make things convenient for everyone and then we get all fulfilled and crap. That is certainly how they portrayed Amazon in the latest season of South Park.

And while it was hilarious how they portrayed Jeff Bezos with a big throbbing brain and could speak to people with just his mind, it was a little creepy how he would do anything and at great lengths just to get his business going. Even going as far as listening to people with Alexas.

Or killing a rival that would threaten his own business. Still, that is South Park for you. They portray everything in a very exaggerated manner but at least with the way Mister Bezos advertises Amazon, we are reassured that they may have a barge there at where is factories are placed.

Probably have to be near any huge body of water though, since a barge is supposed to be flat bottomed boat used to transporting really big things in a huge river. That is IF you do not have trucks that could deliver the order for you. So, of course, you use the barge like a normal delivery service.

But most of the things they have to deliver have to be stuff like machines that go into industrial companies, right? Maybe that is why they are slightly harder to get because of how heavy they are and slightly rare for them to be manufactured. Or not, who knows. The ones that are mostly being commonly delivered are things that civilians want. Or maybe we are looking at this way with civilian eyes and if you just look in the right place, you could easily get it?